same day sick visitIf your child is sick, we encourage you to contact Dr. Sarmiento’s office immediately. Our team can typically get you a same-day appointment or can offer guidance and referrals, depending on the severity of the illness. Call 714-771-2229 today.

The emergency room should certainly be used for life-threatening situations. However, there are many advantages to taking your child to your local pediatrician for a same-day appointment.

  • Reduces wait times
  • Personalized care based on your needs and history
  • A less stressful, busy environment
  • Continuity of care

Dr. Sarmiento gets to know your child, so a same-day sick visit means you and your child get the attention you need and the personalized care you deserve. However, you can schedule a same-day sick visit regardless of whether you’ve been with us before. Call our front desk and we’ll work to get you an appointment right away.

Not sure whether a same-day sick visit is needed? Some common urgent care situations for your child include:

  • Prolonged symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea that don’t improve
  • Persistent fever or temperature of 101.5 degrees or higher (in children 6 months or older)
  • Possible broken bones
  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthmatic symptoms that may require a breathing treatment

You know best when your child needs urgent medical attention. And our caring team will do their best to help you avoid the stress of the emergency room. Call us any time you feel your child may need a same-day appointment and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Dr. Sarmiento’s goal is to make you and your child feel as comfortable as possible in her care, in sickness and in health. Call our office today for the soonest available appointment at 714-771-2229.

For non-emergency appointments, you can also fill out our easy contact form.