“Dr. Sarmiento SAVED my daughter’s LIFE! When other doctors were stumped on why she wasn’t well, Dr. Sarmiento kept pushing and the result was emergency surgery.

She has been our pediatrician for our son and daughter for their entire lives. My son is relatively healthy but my daughter is severely disabled and medically fragile. Dr. Sarmiento is VERY proactive in making sure both kids are healthy and will ALWAYS see my daughter immediately if there’s any indication of illness, as even a simple cold can land her in the ICU.

She is amazingly diligent, flexible, caring and has a heart of gold on top of everything else.

Oh, and did I mention evening and weekend hours? She’s a working parent’s dream come true.”
– Debra C.

“From the first visit I knew that Dr. Sarmiento was the right physician to trust with the health of my special needs child. Three more children and 18 years later, we still come to Dr. Sarmiento.

Her office is cheerful and child oriented. There are movies, books and toys to make the experience more enjoyable and put the children at ease. Her staff is friendly and ready to help. My children feel at home in her office.

Dr. Sarmiento takes the time to get to know her patients and their families. She is able to talk to the children to make them feel more comfortable. If your child has a medical issue, she is able to communicate the information to the child in simple terms they can understand.

I have trusted her with my children’s healthcare for 18 years and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a pediatrician.”
– Tammy B.

“I’ve been taking my 4 and two year old to Dr Sarmiento since birth. There’s no-one else I would trust with the care of my kids. In fact, she was also my husband’s and his cousins’ pediatrician growing up! My daughter had colic and reflux, and my son had reflux (runs in the family). I had severe PPD with both and developed debilitating anxiety. There were times when she had to help me with that as well. She’s always trusted and taken my mama instincts into consideration. She never forced her beliefs or opinions on me. Her office hours are AMAZING, and they are ALWAYS willing to fit my kids in at their earliest convenience. I can’t say enough good things about Dr Sarmiento. She’s seriously the best and will always care for your child. Just ask her about her own kids… That’ll get you trusting her love and care for her patients all in itself.”
– Marisa M.

“I wanted to take a moment to say that Dr. Sarmiento and her staff are AMAZING! I can’t describe enough how they go above and beyond for their patients. I truly can say this because my twins have been under her care for 18yrs now. I have twin daughters that are 18 yrs old and a younger daughter that is 5 yrs old. I have never had a bad experience. I ESPECIALLY love the fact that her office is open and available on Saturdays which is a rare find now a days. I also love the fact that I can get a same day appointment which is also something you can’t do with other providers. I don’t mind waiting if I can avoid going to the urgent care or emergency room but what is great about her staff is they let you know of the wait time and work with you to schedule you in as soon as possible. I really feel that Dr. Sarmiento cares about her patients which she has shown through her dedication and time. Dr. Sarmiento takes the time to listen to her patients and delivers the best results. My kids adore her and the staff.”
– Kelly M.

“Dr. Sarmiento has been my daughter and Son pediatrician for the past 28 years. I know pediatricians usually stop seeing children once they reach like 21 or 22 years, but Dr. Sarmiento has never turned my daughter or son away even now when they are 23yrs and 28yrs of age. She and her staff have always been very nice and helpful over the many years and put up with all my crazy late night phone calls when my kids were small and sick, as well as my mother-in-laws calls. There was a time when I had no insurance for my kids when they were small and she would work with me and still see my kids on a cash basis. My children always loved going to the doctors. They referred to her as the Mickey Mouse doctor, because of her Love for Disney, which was how her office and exam rooms were decorated and always played Disney Movies. Dr. Sarmiento and her staffed treated my kids as one of their own, which made us feel like family. I would recommend Dr. Sarmiento to anyone who is looking for a Great Pediatrician who knows what she is doing and cares deeply for her patients.

P.S. Both of my children grew up loving Disney just as much as Dr. Sarmiento and now they both work for the Happiest Place on Earth!!

Thank you Dr. Sarmiento for all of your help.”
– Lisa A.

“We have been patients of Dr. Sarmiento since the birth of my first child almost 7 years ago. I feel privileged to have such a thoughtful, thorough and caring physician as their pediatrician. She does not over prescribe medications and always follows up after sick visits to confirm the children are feeling better. Patty, her nurse, is exceptional as well, very knowledgeable, always supportive and attentive to our needs and concerns. I highly recommend this office to anyone in need of a pediatrician.”
– Priya S.

“Dr. Sarmiento has been our children’s doctor for the past 7 years and we are so thankful for her and her caring staff. I love that I can get same day appointments for my children when they are sick and that they get such good care from Dr. Sarmiento and her caring nurse. Her office is always clean and very comfortable and child friendly. Above all, I really appreciate that she and her staff care and are always so kind to my family and are always available for us. I highly recommend her to all of my family and friends.”
– Felicia Z.